HANA SQL for beginners

The easy way to get started with SQL queries

Your easy and free introduction to SQL queries on the SAP HANA database. This course is intended for beginners who have no previous knowledge of SQL or for those who want to refresh their basic knowledge of SQL. You only need to bring interest in the subject and some time. If you already know some of the topics, you can jump directly to the respective lessons and simply scroll further.

The course is limited to simple queries with the SQL language using the SELECT statement. However, this is very powerful, so you can create very complex queries with advanced techniques. For a more comprehensive look at the SQL language, check out my book SQLScript for SAP HANA (SAP Press, 2nd edition 2021) or, of course, our various SQLScript training courses:

Here we show you the SQL dialect of the SAP HANA database which is called HANA SQL or also SQLScript. However, the contents in this course are almost 1:1 transferable to other database systems. Thus, it is suitable for all who want to learn SQL queries – whether it’s for your studies, your job or as a hobby.

Unlike the other courses on this website, this course is not a video course yet.