SQLScript Basics

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Thank you for your interest in the SQLScript Basics video course. You are viewing a “real” course here, however you may only view individual lessons before registering. You can recognise these by the lock symbol.

This takes you to the lesson “Strings and how they are processed“.

The course structure

On the left is the course structure. This is divided into:

  • Weekly sections
    • Lessons
      • Topics
      • Exercise tasks – tasks for learning review and practice.

The topics contain the individual learning materials. These are mostly videos, but also sometimes code snippets or explanations. Some topics also contain tests or exercises.

The course is designed to be worked through from front to back. However, it is possible to jump around at will. For example, to look at something in advance or to jump back again. Only in this way can a course do justice to the different previous experiences, interests and learning methods of the participants.

Each topic that has been completely worked on should be marked as “Complete” by you. This is then marked with a green tick in the course structure. This will help you keep track of what has already been worked on and what is still missing.


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Course Structure

Office Hours

All participants are invited to attend consultation hours. Please contact Brandeis Consulting for an individual appointment.

Requirements for the certificate

To earn a certificate for this course, you must have attended all lessons and topics and mark each as complete. You can see the course progress in the top left-hand corner, below the course title.

You will also have to take a final exam at the end of the course. This should not be too difficult if you have done all the exercises beforehand.