Video Course SQLScript Basics

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Learn step by step how to get started with the SQLScript language. In the SQL console, you will learn the most important techniques for making high-performance queries on the SAP HANA database. 12 months access

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Free trial lesson on string processing

This video course is designed as a full-length training. The content corresponds to my proven company training SQLScript or the first part of the course SQLScript for BW consultants.

Learn the basics of SQLScript, the SQL dialect for the SAP HANA database, and its programming tools.

This course focuses on the declarative aspects of the SQLScript query language. You will learn how to create and test high-performance queries on the SAP HANA database. To do this, you will learn the necessary tools such as the Web-Based Development Workbench and the SQL console.

You get 3 months access to the course with all videos and exercises. During this time, you can also schedule a consultation for questions and request assistance on specifics at any time via the Support Portal.

The course is divided into 4 weekly sections, each with approximately 4 hours of study. However, all content is available immediately after booking.

Upon completion of all lessons and passing the final test, you will receive a certificate confirming successful completion.

This course is a prerequisite for the courses:

  • SQLScript for BW Consultants
  • SQLScript for ABAP Developers
  • SQLScript for Advanced

Target audience

This basic course is intended for all developers and consultants who build applications on an SAP HANA database. These include, but are not only

  • SAP BW Consultant
  • ABAP Developers
  • Developers of native SAP HANA applications

Time expenditure

Depending on previous knowledge, approx. 12 – 20 hours, including 8 hours of video material


Basic knowledge of a programming language, e.g. ABAP

Training system

The course describes how to create your own free SAP HANA system in SAP Cloud Platform.


About SQLScript

  • What is the SQLScript programming language?
  • Why is SAP HANA so fast and what does this have to do with SQLScript?

Basics of the programming language

  • Syntactic Basics
  • Expressions
  • Simple SELECT statements
  • Procedures and functions
  • Processing of date/time/strings/amounts/quantities

Declarative programming

  • Anonymous blocks
  • Local variables
  • Table variables


  • SQL console