This free course has given a first insight into the structure of SELECT queries. But SQL and SQLScript can do much more. Here are a few highlights from the SQLScript Basics Course:

  • Wherever we have used columns so far, we can also use any expressions. For example, calculations, CASE expressions, SQL functions or functions defined by ourselves.
  • Window Functions can also be used to perform more complex calculations without aggregating the data. This can be used to replace many loops in ABAP (LOOP AT…) very elegantly, e.g. for calculating running totals, time intervals, etc.
  • The anonymous blocks allow the use of SQLScript directly in the SQL console without creating procedures first. This even allows transformation routines to be executed directly in the SQL console.
  • Table variables let you break down complex queries into easy-to-follow steps. And that without the performance getting worse.

The AMDP Transformation Routines for BW/4HANA course then continues with how the logic in SQLScript is used in BW. With some complex examples and exercises you will quickly get into the topic and will soon be able to create your own routines. Highlights in the course:

  • The Concept of ABAP Managed Database Procedures(AMDP) from the Perspective of ABAP
  • Creating transformation routines as AMDP in SAP BW/4HANA
  • Exercises on lookups, transpose in both directions between account model and key figure model
  • Tips and tricks for AMDP routine development and Eclipse.

We would be delighted to welcome you to one of these courses as well. All trainings are of course also offered as company trainings and regularly as live trainings. Please have a look at our website www.brandeis.de.