Creating a Training System in the SAP Cloud Platform

In this video, you will see how to activate the trial version of the Cloud Foundry environment in the SAP Cloud Platform, create an instance in the SAP HANA Cloud, and then access the SQL console for it in the Database Explorer.

When you register for the first time with SAP, you will be asked for a phone number before creating the trial account. A code is then sent to this phone number via SMS. You should therefore only enter a number on which you can also receive or read SMS.

Please be patient. In the video, creating the database took about 8 minutes. But it can also take over an hour. Unfortunately, SAP Cloud Platform’s behavior here is not very consistent.


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Please bookmark the SAP HANA Cloud Instance website so you can reach it directly in the future.

The system is shut down automatically on a regular basis. At the bottom you will find the Start button, with which it can be reactivated. You’ll find this screen if you get into the HANA instance monitor. Please note that the screens may change over time.

This will take about 10 minutes. If the status does not change, click on Refresh in the browser or press the F5 key.

You can call the SAP HANA Database Explorer even if the system has not yet booted. But then the system will show an error message:

Message if the database has not yet been started up