The data model for this course

In this course, we use the same data model that was used in the English edition of the book SQLScript for SAP HANA . The examples are transferable accordingly.

Overview of the data model

The data model represents a simple task management. However, the exercise aspect was the main focus in the creation of this data model. For real task management, you’d probably find a better data model.

The central table for the tasks is called TASKS. As with all other tables in the data model, the primary key of the table is the ID field. The field PROJECT contains the ID of the table PROJECTS.

Installing the data model in a separate database

If you are using the HANA Web Console in this course, you do not need to install the data model. However, if you do wish to do this, it is quite simple. The prerequisite is that you have access to an SAP HANA database and have a user with their own schema there.

The files for installing the data model can be found on our Github page: Data Model