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Concentrated knowledge of experts

All courses were created by proven experts with a lot of practical experience.

More than just a video!

In addition to the videos, there are plenty of exercises, learning materials and demos.

Many exciting SAP topics

You can find courses on the most important new SAP technologies here.

With personal coaching

Every week there are open consultations with the trainers.

The course program

Video course<br>AMDP Transformation Routines

Video course<br>AMDP Transformation Routines

In the AMDP Transformation Routines course, you will learn to write routines…
350,00 zzgl. MwSt
Video Course SQLScript Basics

Video Course SQLScript Basics

Learn step by step how to get started with the SQLScript language.…
450,00 zzgl. MwSt
Package<br>SQLScript for BW Consultants

Package<br>SQLScript for BW Consultants

3 months access to the two courses SQLScript Basics AMDP Transformation Routines
750,00 zzgl. MwSt

HANA SQL for beginners – the free introductory course

The HANA SQL for Beginners course is for beginners who have no previous experience with SQL. Or for participants who want to refresh their dusty knowledge of SQL. Unlike the paid courses, this course is not a video course so far.

Free course

HANA SQL for beginners

The free course to get started with SELECT queries on the SAP HANA database. Interactive, with SQL console in the browser. You can start immediately and without registration!

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From the SQLScript Basics course:

Processing of character strings (german)

Creating an SAP HANA Cloud System in the SCP (german)

From the AMDP transformation routines course:

Tips & Tricks in Eclipse (german)

Installing & setting up Eclipse with plugins (german)

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We are convinced that you will be 100% satisfied with the video courses. If that is not the case, then you will get your money back without ifs and buts.

Proven content!

All courses have been conducted many times as onsite training or as live online training. The experience from these events has been incorporated into the video courses.

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Which course format is right for you?

In addition to the video courses, we also offer live online trainings and onsite trainings. Each format has different strengths. What is best for your situation, you can see on the right.

You set the tempo and can freely allocate your time. For each lesson, you can invest as much time as you need.

Thanks to the numerous exercises, examples and videos, you can get involved in the topics very intensively.

And if you can’t get any further, there is online support and a consultation.

The proven training courses are offered:

The scope of the training is defined and all participants must have the minimum requirements in order for the planned programme to be completed.

Open training courses for everyone are regularly held here in Mannheim (or online).

We offer individual training courses for companies. Choose the relevant content from our training program or let us suggest it.

Tailored to your requirements, your system stands, your team and their previous experience.

The training objectives are achieved with as little time as possible.

A live online training will take place via video conference. It is an interactive event where questions can be asked at any time.

The events are supported by a learning portal (Moodle LMS). There you will find all the necessary materials and later also the records of the events.

We are happy to come to you for individual training courses. Together in one room, training will have the greatest impact.

Also for teams!

For teams, there is not only a volume discount: additional team consultation hours are also possible. This enables us to further support learning success.

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Why you’ll love our video courses

Clear structure

Our video courses are divided into lessons and topics. You can work through the course from start to finish. But you can also jump forward or listen to an old lesson again.

Exercises for deepening

The learning material is deepened by the independent solving of exercise tasks. In each lesson are some exercises and also the associated sample solutions. In some cases, the solutions are also explained in videos.

With personal support

Every week there is a consultation. Here you can ask questions about the topics and get help with problems.

Lots of small videos

Most videos are between 3 and 10 minutes long. You don’t have to wait long to get to a topic. The videos are therefore also optimal for in between.

Full HD Videos

All videos are crisp in Full HD format (1920×1080). This also makes it easy to distinguish between the point and comma in the source code.

Permanent support

All participants will receive support from our experts even after the training. For this purpose, we have set up a support portal where you can open tickets.

Courses from our partner Quicksted

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